Tile keeps showing light is on

Just womdering if anyone has any idea why one of my light tiles keeps showing a light is on when it isnt. i have to click on and it will change to the off position but then next time i check the dashboard it has changed back to on. This light is the same as 90% of other lights in my house which are all linked the same.

What type of hub are you using? In most cases if you go look at the device status on your hub, you will see that it is still on as well. I know in using Hue bulbs with Hubitat they are terrible at reporting the correct status.


I have a smartthings hub but these bulbs are Wiz lights which just run via wifi and not through the hub. My other bulbs are reading fine its just this one.

What status is the light reporting in SmartThings?

just had a look then. On again on dashboard, when i go into smartthings it says offline but when i click into it the button says on. Usually when this happens if i click the light on and off in smartthings it will come back to online when im connected to wifi. Im not home right now so it wont do this. Does this sound like a connection issue with smartthings and might just need to re link the light?

SharpTools is getting the status from SmartThings, so if SmartThings is reporting the wrong status, then yes you would want to start troubleshooting there first. :slightly_smiling_face:

no prob ill look into it later. Thanks for your help as always!

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I would like to add that WiFi is not a desirable protocol for connected devices. They are cheap and easy to implement, but it does degrade the WiFi network as more devices are added, and you generally can’t have more than around 75 devices with most home hub solutions without noticeable issues. I suspect you probably are not experience this issue directly, but if you are not on a mesh WiFi network, it could be related— just odd that it is always the same light. I recommend resetting the light and joining it back into the network.

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