Tile Defaults to Hero?

Hey all,
I’m trying to add a tile to my dashboard for a Virtual Device - a single virtual button on my HE.

The problem is that for some reason when I create a new tile, go to ‘Things’ and select the button, it defaults to a ‘Hero’ Tile. I tried to change the layout from Hero, but it doesn’t give me the option to change it into anything else. I can still add Tiles for other ‘Things’ and they show up correctly…what am I doing wrong?

What capabilities show up for the device when you view its details? (User Page > ... by location > scroll down and tap device)





Thanks for sharing more details. The short version is that a Virtual Switch configured with an auto-off could be used in place of the virtual button or a rule could be used to actuate the Virtual Button.

You can find more details, including some background details in this post.