Tile Arrangement

Quick question on tile layout…why, does a tile drop below other tiles when you are re-arranging them. I put mine in a particular order, so when I add one, i then have to go back and re-arrange the hold bloody thing again to get them in the correct order. It is maddening!

But that is truly my only complaint so far. Former ActionTiles user who moved to hubitat recently and I this is AMAZEBALLS!! Great work!


Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you are enjoying things! The layout ‘packing’ is determined by a library we are currently using. It’s on our list to revisit this at some point. :slight_smile:


Any pointers on re-arranging them to avoid this?

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When rearranging tiles, moving a tile should cause whatever tile it ‘replaces’ and everything in that column to be pushed down. If that’s not what you are experiencing, can you describe it or send a screen recording?

No, that’s what I’m seeing. I was just wondering if there was some other method to keep things from doing that. Maybe I’ll try adding placeholders first and see if i can get them to re-align without moving every single tile again. Thanks!

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On a slightly unrelated note is there any easy way to go back on IOS between dashboards? For example I have a main dashboard and then multiple ones setup by rooms nested under that main dashboard. On my Pixel 2 XL phone I have the ability to go back to the main dashboard. But my wife uses an iPhone so I needed to exit the dashboard and then go back into the main one from the home screen to get back.

I usually just add a back button to all of my dashboards where I know I’ll want to navigate between them.

The first screen is the main dashboard I use on my mobile phones. The ‘Mobile Main’ tile on that page links to the second dashboard which has details on most of devices in my home. And that second dashboard has a single dashboard link tile to navigate back to the main dashboard.

How did you add the back button?

It’s just a ‘Dashboard’ tile which is linking back to the first dashboard. Then I changed the icon to a back arrow.

Just when I was about to create a thread on this topic, I saw that @ryan780 had already opened this. Thank you Ryan.

@josh: I have made a video of this issue that Ryan is describing. I have recently moved from Action Tiles as well and love the clean/polished interface of SharpTools. Many thanks. However, we usually want to arrange the large number of devices in particular order, and any changes after the initial addition, are extremely difficult to add in the right place. To the point where I have given up for now until I can draw the tile order on paper and add them in order.

What would be highly useful is to allow a method of adding/rearranging tiles that can be done as a ‘List Edit’ (similar to ActionTiles). That may be easier than fixing the visual arrangement behavior that you are using that library for.

Video 1: Shows the initial layout of my panel. In this example, I am trying to create ONE more tile, with the intent to add it to the TOP row. To accomplish this, I have to resize an existing entry in top row. After the resize and moving the new tile there, the whole dashboard is messed up. There is no solution to build it from scratch, ONE by ONE, anytime I have to modify any changes.

Link Video 1: https://photos.app.goo.gl/RCvU95qYViaNh9Ji9

Video 2: Shows how Action Tiles lets you do this via a list-edit kind of method.
Link Video 2: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SBVHLM3UboB86w1C8

Please help us out. And I hope that SharpTools becomes the most popular dashboarding solution.

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