Think Broadband Quality Monitoring

Hi Guys.

Think Broadband allow you to create a Broadband Quality monitor. They give you various options to display the live data. What would be the best way of displaying this on a dashboard?

Sounds like using a Custom Tile might be a good fit:

You could try using the URL Custom Tile along with the Direct Link. It’s hard to tell what the content of the Small Graph / Large Graph section is, but if it’s HTML that actually displays the graph content, you could use the HTML Custom Tile.

Thanks Josh.

Tried the different URL’s. Some have a .PNG image they can display but i seems to always have this displayed.

Hi Josh.

I got this working in the end. I created it under Media as one of the options was to use a PNG file. Get this to refresh each minute and i am golden.

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Awesome – that sounds like the approach I would take for a generated image too! Thanks for sharing your updated solution. :+1: