Things not showing up in webos

Pair up my webos LG TV and I can get the part of the settings icons but no things icons

Thanks for the post. I responded to your ticket as well. Can you clarify what you are trying to do? Are you trying to use the SharpTools for Android TV app? Or perhaps you are trying to load the web dashboard on your TV browser?

I would love for this to work in my WebOS tvs browser.


Have you tried it on your WebOS TV browser? I would be curious if it works as there are people who are already running it on their fridges!

It turned out, the original poster actually had a Fire TV stick attached to his LG TV and he was loading the SharpTools for FireTV app onto the Fire TV stick. :slight_smile:

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I am looking to have popups from my phone work on my webos lg tv to work on all inputs

I did this. Thing in list do not show up pic attached

Whan i go to the thing page nothing show up

Did you complete the authorization process which requires you to go to from a web browser and enter the pairing code that was displayed on the TV? If so, what happened?

What kind of pop-ups are you looking for?

The SharpTools for Android TV / Fire TV app is designed to show a grid view of your Things.

The TV app was really put together as a proof-of-concept and will probably get replaced by the web dashboard at some point as it has a much more refined look, much more capabilities, and is actively being developed with new features.

All that being said, if your goal is something related to showing popups (notifications?) from your phone showing on your TV, then I’m not sure how SharpTools fits into this?

I have three devices that I have this on Android phone a tablet and my LG TV the Android phone and the tablet paired up fine and work fine but the fire stick on the LG OS TV Paired but doesn’t show the things

I see you have cameras up in this View can you give me instructions on hooking up Zmodo cameras

Thanks for the info, Joel. I’m specifically asking about the TV pairing process since I understand that you aren’t seeing the ‘Things’ on your Fire TV. I’m going to need a bit more detail as to exactly what steps you are taking and what you are seeing.

Back to the original question I posted above, can you please confirm that you completed the authorization process on your Fire TV which requires you to navigate to from another device and enter the authorization code which is displayed on your TV?

If you completed that authorization process with your TV and browser from another device…after authorizing your Things from your second device’s web browser, what did you see on that device and what did you see on your TV? Again, please provide details otherwise I won’t be able to effectively help you troubleshoot.

Here’s an article which explains how to setup cameras as Media Tiles and use them on a web dashboard:

Here’s a link to the iSpyConnect database for Z-Modo. Note that you need the proper URL format for your camera and it needs to be a supported media type like JPEG, or MJPEG

I completed the process the same way in all three of them by using the browser on that specific web address the process was exactly the same for all 3 but I will say when I did it on the firestick I had a little trouble getting the codes to go in and authorized after several tries at putting the code in I got it to go through but when you look at it no things

Yes I went to this website and set up the fire stick on this web address after several tries I finally got it to go through but when you look at the things it’s like they have not been installed and they have been

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I’ll take a look into it and see if I can reproduce. Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for all the help I’m going to take a few pictures of what the TV looks like and send it to you