Thing Attribute

I have a Samsung multipurpose sensor that I use to see temperature. I authorized the sensor for the temperature. When I create a widget for a thing attribute, the temperature just shows null. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for posting. That’s definitely not the expected result assuming the device is connected to SmartThings and is reporting data to your hub.

Have you checked the status of the temperature sensor in the main SharpTools app and/or in the SmartThings IDE? If so, what’s diplayed there?

I can see the temp in smartthings. I can also see it as an attribute if the sensor in sharptools

Thanks for the additional details. Can you share some screenshots of the SharpTools app showing the temperature for that device and the configuration of the widget just before you save it?

Nvm, now it is showing up when I create the widget. Very strange. Thank you for the help.

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