Thermostats not working

I have been working through finally setting up dashboards now that I have a little more time on my hands. Sharptools is awesome and I think I am only scratching the surface. I am using Smartthings classic and have three Honeywell wifi thermostats that all showup fine in Smartthings. They are listed as “Things” in Sharptools but only one shows up when added to a dashboard and that one doesn’t show the thermostat information. I’m stuck at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Raymond_Ropiak, welcome to the community. What Device Handler (driver) are you using for the Honeywell thermostat? If it’s a ST community developed DTH, can you post the link so we can take a look why the thermostat tile doesn’t work for you? Meanwhile, if you just added the thermostats to SmartThings, you will need to authorize them to SharpTools by going to “Manage Connections” in the user page again. Let me know if the other two show up in SharpTools after completing the auth process again.

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So I think I just figured it out and you asking me to find the device handler made me realize that my Device handler existed before there was official Total Comfort Connect support. I went into the SMartthings marketplace and installed the Honeywell thermostats with the official device Handler.
Thank you for being so responsive.