Thermostat Tile when Off

If my thermostat is set to off the tile looks like this. Is this correct?

While it does look right when its on.

If I double height it while its off I get …

What driver / device handler is being used?

It looks like the device is reporting the thermostatSetpoint attribute as null when the thermostat is off. Most thermostat drivers report the last setpoint if I remember correctly. You can view the device details either in your source platform or in SharpTools to confirm:

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device in question
  4. When the thermostat is off, I would expect something like the following based on your screenshots:
    Attribute Value
    thermostatSetpoint (blank)
    heatingSetpoint 21.5
    coolingSetpoint 26.0
    temperature 24.4

You are correct. However what would the thermostatSetpoint be set to.

Would it be set to the heatingSetpoint in heat mode and coolingSetpoint in cool mode. But what about auto?

When off shouldn’t it be blank anyways since no set point is set.

Most other drivers / device handlers I’ve seen use the last known setpoint when the thermostat is off. For ‘auto’, it varies - some use the current ‘effective’ setpoint, some use the average (useless :man_facepalming:), and some are blank. That’s part of the reason the double height thermostat layout is popular with devices that rely on auto or eco modes as it shows the individual setpoints.

As a quick improvement, I could add a condition that if the thermostatSetpoint is blank and the mode is off, then don’t display the value at all?

One of the other comments I’ve seen before is to have an option to display the current temperature as the main content on the thermostat tile. There doesn’t seem to be a feature request for it yet, so if that’s something you’re interested in, feel free to create a feature request.

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I think this would be best since the implementation can be different across the board. At least visually you can see that it is off by the presence of an ‘off’ icon. I think if you change it to the temperature you can get confused if just glancing at it quickly.

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I think the request I had seen was basically a setting in the tile to swap the current temperature and setpoint with each other.

So the main large text would display the current temperature and the setpoint would be shown smaller in the footer. Apparently this is a common approach on some thermostats (eg. GoControl Z-wave Thermostat).

That could work too. So many options. I’ll let you choose. :slight_smile:

We have released this improvement to beta. :slight_smile:


Looking good now. Thank you.

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