Thermostat tap icon to Adjust

It would be amazing if tapping the icon on thermostat tile allowed it to Adjust instead of just clicking the little adjust button. That would be much more user intuitive…

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! What adjustment are you trying to make?

The temperature can be adjusted directly on the tile. Note that on a single-height thermostat tile, if your thermostat is in ‘auto’ mode (or otherwise not explicitly in heat or cool mode), the quick adjustments are disabled. In that case, the most common approach is to change layout to the double height thermostat layout.

This seems like a perfect use case for the overlay :slight_smile:

Can you remind me when the “double height” layout is available? Neither my cielo breez or Honeywell T6 have this layout available. I feel it might solve some of the weirdness in my cooling/heating tiles.

I don’t have any votes left, but I do like this request. The “adjust” button is tiny and my wife doesn’t like to look closely at things. Telling her to just tap the big number in the middle to open up the menu is a lot easier.

The standard tile or double tile allows adjusting the temperature but you cannot easily adjust the mode. You need to click the tiny link on bottom left Adjust and change from there. I think a better experience would be if you could click the icon next to the temperature which should open the same dialog as Adjust