Thermostat Rule Not Working

I’m trying to create a rule that resets the cooling temp for my thermostat if someone sets it too low. I tried this with SmartThings first, and I thought it was working, but it’s not. So I wrote the rule below in SharpTools. If the cooling temp is set as below, shouldn’t the rule jack it up to 73? Thanks.

I would think so. Is the coolingSetpoint for that thermostat changing as expected?

If the coolingSetpoint is changing as expected, what do the rule logs say?

It’s not triggering at all. Nothing in the rule logs. That’s one reason I know it’s not triggering. I’m not getting a notification, either. And the temp isn’t changing. Thx

Is SmartThings immediately seeing the setpoint change on the thermostat? This will vary with the thermostat and the integration, but for some thermostats, it can take a while for SmartThings to register the change. The Honeywell cloud integration is a good example of this.

If that’s the case, you’ll need a rule or routine to refresh the thermostat in ST at regular intervals. This forces it to get the updated setpoint. (I use a combination of motion sensors and other things. If you have a motion sensor near the thermostat, using that one alone might do it.)

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That’s probably the issue. SmartThings isn’t sending the change to SharpTools (or even itself as my SmartThings routine doesn’t work either). Thanks.

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Are you sure the thermostat uses the cooling setpoint?
Some thermostats seem to always use heating setpoint and have a different mode setting for heating or cooling. One of mine does this anyway…

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I think mine use both. I can set both on the thermostats themselves. I’ll test later to be sure, though. I can set both in SmartThings as well.

I figured out a way to handle this. I created a virtual motion switch that stays on for ten minutes and then goes off. When it goes off, SharpTools does a refresh on the thermostat, waits, and then checks the temp. If it’s x or below, temp is reset, and motion switch is turned back on. If temp is ok, only motion switch is turned back on. So, this runs every ten minutes to check.