Thermostat: Retain Default style when Heat/Cool option is checked

I’m curious if/how I can control the ‘inactive’ color for the background of my thermostat (ecobee).

I really like how SharpTools adjusts the colors for the level of the batteries for my motion sensors. And I like how the thermostat is red when the heat is on and blue when the A/C is on. But the background color does not seem to be controllable for this state: “Neither the furnace nor the A/C is on”. And the default color does not work well with other things in my theme. Am I missing something?

One of these two images is the default and one is some crazy choices for the default and active background color and content color. So it seems that the default/inactive background color is not controllable.

Should I move this over to “feature request?”



Thanks for the screenshots and the explanation. Yes, it does seem like an enhancement is needed here. I’ll move this over to the Feature Requests category and rename the title.

Historically, checking the box for the “Show Heat/Cool Color” would completely override any active/default colors. Now that we’ve introduced Styles, the ‘Default’ style is applied but the tile background color is overridden by the “Show Heat/Cool Color” when the thermostat is idle.

My gut feeling is that if you have explicitly set a ‘Default’ style for the tile, we should respect that when the thermostat is idle (even if the ‘Show Heat/Cool Color’ option is checked). And it would basically be just the ‘Active’ style’s background color that gets ignored when the ‘Show Heat/Cool Color’ is checked to give you the blue or red color.

Thanks! Agree. I’ve voted for this. Thanks

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If thermostat is off, then background should follow selected style, rather than tinting it with an “off” color. Only change the background if heat or cool is selected…not if thermostat is off.

Alternately, add a parameter that selects between background or content color to be changed based on heating or cooling.

@calansvc I merged your request with an existing request.

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