Thermostat Question/Smartthings

I recently had, but the service was discontinued. And with that service, I received an alert anytime the thermostat was changed. I’ve tried setting up different routines with smartthings but cannot figure out how to get a simple alert if the temp or mode is changed. I get alerts if my garage door is opened or my front door is unlocked, but I can’t figure out how to get an alert from my thermostat. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

What have you tried so far?

Something like the following could work:

In this example, anytime the Cooling Setpoint, Heating Setpoint, or Thermostat Mode changes, it will send me an email with the name of the attribute that changed and the new value.

For the triggers, we use a Device Trigger with our device and attribute selected.

Then we check the box for ‘On Transition Only’ so the rule is only triggered when the values actually change. It probably would be fine to leave it unchecked and just use the ‘updates’ operator, but this makes sure the rule is only triggered when the value actually changes rather than anytime it updates.

We repeat this for each of the attributes we are interested in since the rule will trigger when any of the triggers occur.

I’m using feature called Context Variables to make the flow nice and short.

Context Variables allow us to use information about the rule within the rule flow. In this case, we’re able to use the name of the attribute that triggered the rule as well as the value that triggered the rule within our notification.

The help article shows how you can access these, but the gist of it is to tap the + VARIABLE button to the right of the input field for your notification, then select the Context Variables tabEventLocation/DeviceAttribute. Then repeat the process if you want to include the value.


You’re awesome! Thanks for the help.

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