Thermostat help

I have a zen thermostat in hubitat. Its on an old 2 wire boiler system and the problem im having is the state changing. The built driver for zen thermostats works well in hubitat, issue im having is it never actually changes its state past pending heat. So then in sharptools the tile never changes it state to on therefore the tile never changes color. Ive looked around on hubitats community and have seen similar issues but never found a solution. Switching to a community driver for the centralite pearl thermostat works and solves the pending heat issue. It’ll state heating, when heating and idle when off like it should. Problem is that drivers battery report is way off and setting the set points manullay dont reflect in the driver unless refreshed. What im getting at is there a way to get the thermostat tile to reflect thats its on (heating) when its saying pending heat? … I tried messing with rules in both hubitat and on sharptools but dont think its possible to do what i want. I just want the thermostat tile to change color when on and off. Any suggestions?

@Chris_murray, welcome to the community. I don’t personally have experience with the 2 wire boiler heater system, but did a quick research in Hubitat community, and found people saying it only changes to “Heating” stat after the fan is turned on too.

Does your thermostat behave the same that it changes from “Pending Heating” to “Heating” after you turn on the fan? If so, I wonder if it makes sense to create a rule to turn the fan on/off accordingly or adjust the device driver to report “Heating” directly.

Thanks for the suggestion James. I didn’t really think of that. I had seen that post on hubitat and didn’t think about the fan part. Upon messing with it, the thermostat has configure options and mine was set with no fan control. I went ahead a reconfigured it with a fan, even tho there isn’t one, and turned it on. So now when it kicks to heat it states heating and the tiles active state changes.


@Chris_murray, thanks for the updates and glad to hear that it’s working for you. :grinning:Please double check everything works on your thermostat as expected since the options were changed because I don’t have the specific thermostat to test with so would like to make sure things are working as expected.