Thermostat Feature Request

Hi, small (hopefully!) feature request for thermostats, please.

The larger/primary display temperature appears to be reading and showing “thermostatSetpoint : 72”


Can an option be added for this to show the current room temperature? I realize this is displayed in the lower right corner of the box already, next to the mode status but would much prefer to see this as the main information, similar to what I see on the actual thermostat.

If it helps, this is a Go Control ZWave thermostat connected via Hubitat, using built in generic Zwave thermostat driver. The displayed information is correct, however, not sure where thermostatSetpoint is even coming from. At the time of this post, here is what the current rule is applying to this thermostat and the latest poll/info:

  • battery : 100 (ignore, using C-Wire, no batteries)
  • coolingSetpoint : 74
  • heatingSetpoint : 70
  • supportedThermostatFanModes : [auto, on]
  • supportedThermostatModes : [auto, cool, heat, off]
  • temperature : 70
  • thermostatFanMode : auto
  • thermostatMode : auto
  • thermostatOperatingState : idle
  • thermostatSetpoint : 72 (<— Unsure how or why this is being applied, you can see the heating and cooling Setpoint do not match)

Thanks for the consideration on this request. :smile:

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That is bizarre that the thermostatSetpoint isn’t the actual setpoint! It seems to be an average of the two available setpoints… I’ve seen this on some other drivers as well.

There are two options immediately available to you:

  1. Use the Double Height Thermostat layout which shows the heatingSetpoint and coolingSetpoint. This works well if you frequently use the Auto mode on your thermostat - also on thermostats like Nest or Ecobee.
  2. Use a Hero Attribute tile to display your desired attribute. For example, you could explicitly show the temperature attribute.

I’m away from my PC at the moment, but I can send some additional details when I get back to a PC if you’d like.

Edit: here’s a few quick screenshots from my phone. When you are editing the dashboard you can tap the… On the tile and select Change Layout to switch to either the Double Height Thermostat or Hero Attribute layouts.

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Bumping this thread since I have a similar feature request. I like the clean look of the “thermostat tile”, but when the device thermostatMode is “off” or “auto” the SharpTools tile displays the thermostatSetpoint which is weird and gives a false sense of the room temperature or setting. Would it be possible to have default to “temperature” when you can’t tell if the device is “cool” or “heat”?