Thermostat display issues- GoControl

Hello. I have a zwave thermostat that I used with ST groovy driver for a long time and it worked with ST and on Sharptools with no issues. With something changing in Smartthings, lost ability to control device in ST even trying different edge drivers. Interestingly, while it lost controlability, the status would update even on Sharptools dashboards (like if I changed it directly on the thermostat), showing when system was running, set points, etc. So recently, I went ahead and moved the T stat to a hubitat hub, and all seemed fine. Now after a few days, I can still control the t-stat, but the status quit updating accurately in Sharptools. Hubitat shows the correct setting, however (as well as change log history). So again, I can control the Go Control even from Sharptools, but the status doesn’t update on dashboards. side note: I have Ecobee as well and it has worked through all this GoControl fiasco. Thanks for any thoughts on troubleshooting.