Text-to-speech support after groovy shutdown

I’m using lannouncer as a text-to-speech app via Sharptools.io. Will it die with groovy shutdown? If so, any replacing apps that would work?

I believe it will stop working. The new SmartThings platform doesn’t support TTS as far as I know. I think they do voice notifications by creating a sounds file, storing it and then playing it when triggered.

They do TTS in some supported devices like Sonos within the routines engine.

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That isn’t TTS. The “Play message on speaker” option in routines for “notify someone” creates a fixed audio file that plays on the selected speaker(s) whenever the routine is triggered. TTS allowed you to generate the text ad-hoc at the time of the automation running, send it to the platform and the audio for it would play on the speaker.

Ah with Variables etc. You are correct.

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