Text Alignment Issue on Dashboard Tile

The tiles below are all dashboard items. The text for the ‘Bathrooms’ is not centered. The label is the standard text from the dashboard.

I also think the ‘Upstairs Bathrooms’ tile text is slightly misaligned to the right.

Anyone have any thoughts what’s causing this?

Are you using any Custom CSS?

@kampto was seeing this with Tile Labels (titles) on one of their dashboards that had quite a few style customizations and some Custom CSS. The latest screenshots I saw in their test dashboard didn’t show the issue though, so I’m not if it was ever determined what was causing the problem there.

No Custom CSS but I am employing a custom style on those tiles just for background color.

Just an update that @nezmo and I chatted via PM and I believe we’ve identified the issue. If the longest word within each dashboard tile is bigger than the space allocated to it, it effectively gets left aligned to the available space and starts spilling out to the right.

I’ll take a look at what we can do about this. In the meantime, if anyone else runs into this, you can either try shortening the longest words in your labels, use a smaller text size, or use a larger tile width. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nezmo - we pushed an update to beta which should resolve this.

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Great! Thanks Josh.

I’m not in the beta but looking forward to seeing it in prod.

Just sent you a PM with beta access in case you wanted to check it out. Otherwise keep an eye out for a future production release. :smiley:

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Can confirm the issue I had is fixed with this fix in beta.


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