Tesla Tile on dashboard

Anyone try to get a custom tile setup to display state or charge, interior temperature , etc on a Tesla?


@Eric_Dunn put together a Super Tile for his Tesla using data from Home Assistant:


I’m pretty sure he could even tap the tile to run a rule, but I can’t remember what the rule did. :thinking:


Thanks! Sent him a PM

I’ve wanted to get Home Assistant for some time. Getting Tesla status on a dashboard is yet one more motivator!

I missed out on the Blue bundle. Since then I’ve looked for “here’s everything you need”, Solutions that look good are out of stock. The sites that sell bits and pieces make me dizzy. I wish there was a straight forward way to get HA - for a novice - but I haven’t found it.

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@Stan_Silverman i just purchased this morning:

Home Assistant Bundle × 1
Standard ODROID-N2+ 4GB/64GB eMMC / US 120V/60Hz

From ameridroid.

It looks like a good starting point.


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Thanks, Matt! I appreciate you taking the time to dig that out.

I gave in to the bits-and-pieces route and ordered a Raspberry SC15184 Pi 4 Model B Quad Core 64 GB and a Miuzei case from Amazon last night! After a bit of research I decided on 2GB rather than 4GB. I’m not anticipating turning into a power-user. Saved a few bucks.

Looking forward to tinkering with it.

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Thought I’d toss my own effort into the mix here, though maybe I got a little carried away. :joy:

Parked (Asleep)

Parked (Online)


Data is obtained via the Hubitat Tesla integration, then passed to SharpTools via webCoRE, which uses the Google Distance Matrix to geolocate the vehicle and formats the data for the tile. A Tasker profile changes the data refresh rate based on an active/inactive BT connection to the vehicle. The vehicle image is a semi-transparent PNG, which allows the tile background color changes to be visible in the image.


There has been a rewrite of the Tesla HA integration which brings some new options. The one I’m most interested in is the Charge Limit slider. Are sliders an option in SuperTiles?

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