Temperature differential rule

I would like to have a rule that will turn on a garage vent fan when garage temperature exceeds outside temperature by a preset temperature (example 4 degrees F). Also, to turn off the garage vent fan when that differential temperature is less than a preset temperature (example 4 degrees F). I will also have an action where vent fan will not run less than a preset garage temperature.
I cannot see any way to make a rule for differential temperature rule. Help out there?

Hi @BK_Lonberger, welcome to SharpTools and the community. This is not currently supported in Rule Engine, but is a good use case for variable feature that is in our list. I’ve noted your use case to make sure this will be covered in the design. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. Adding this variable feature would really boost the uses for SharpTools. Other uses are out there for stuff like whole house vent fans, grow tents, heaters, solar pool pumps etc
How soon until new feature available?

I agreed this would be a great feature to be added. We don’t give an ETA on feature release, and our tasks priority is based on the interests we received from the community, which is exactly what you just did. And variable is indeed pretty high in my list, but can be a pretty complicated one too. :grinning:

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