Temperature/battery tileOk

Hi I just have a question.

So the 3 temperature sensors you see are smartthings ones…

Is there any way to be able to get it to show the battery lever of the sensor as well as the temperature??

Either on the same tile or by clicking on it and it changes to the battery level???

Thanks on advance

Just figured it out - the power of the super tile!!

Ok I some more help…

Is it possible to have to 2 states in one tile?

What i mean by that is…

So the sensors in the picture are red below a certain temp and the info turns green when it goes above.

Ive been able to create the super tile and add the battery % i wanted to display for the sensor.

Next I thought it would be good If i could get get the battery % to change colour based on level…

e.g. 0-70% red
70-80 amber
80+ green

but no matter what state variable I add it just stays red…

So for instance in the second Pic the variable to my understanding should be battery temperature over 83% tile content should be green. The battery is displaying the % at 84% so i expected it to turn green - but it stays red???

any ideas

@Tom_Smith, it is because the state mapping evaluates the conditions in the top to bottom direction, and will use the style from the first matched condition.

So for your use case, I would suggest the following:

  1. when temp < 18 → red
  2. when battery <= 70 → red
  3. when battery < 80 → amber
  4. when temp >= 18 → green
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