Tasker Plugin - Thermostat - Error 400

I have three Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats in my house. They are connected to my SmartThings Hub. I am using Tasker to control them. I recently started getting Error 400 unknown error messages. These occur when I run my Tasker Task to resume the Thermostat’s schedule after setting a hot/cold setpoint manually. In the Task that I set up ages ago, I use the command resumeProgram. However, when I go to check the options in the Task when I’m trying to fix the Task to avoid the error, resumeProgram is no longer an option in Tasker. It is available in the SharpTools Rule Engine, though.

I think something has changed in either Tasker or the SharpTools Plugin such that I can no longer select resumeProgram. Or maybe I’m just trying to enter the parameters incorrectly.

When I try to edit the Confirmation of the Thing I’m trying to edit, under select device type it shows “placeholder”. If I go to the SharpTools IDE, this actually what is shown when I look at the Device.

The device I would like to control is “Thermostat LR”. When I select “command to send”, resumeProgram is no longer in the list. There are about 12 commands available in Tasker. However, in the Rules Engine, there are 24 options available, including resumeProgram!

How can I get resumeProgram back in the Tasker Plugin?



The 400 likely means that the plugin is sending over the command as you originally had it set up, but the device no longer supports that command and doesn’t know what to do.

It sounds to me like the device was updated on the SmartThings side. Since it’s showing ‘placeholder’ in the IDE, that sounds like a Cloud to Cloud (C2C) connection. Meaning the manufacturer might have updated the device details, including the supported commands

Have you reauthorized the device in SharpTools.io recently?

The SharpTools for Android app syncs over all the device details everytime you open the main app. SharpTools.io primarily only syncs it over when you reauthorize things. So its possible the details were updated in the Android app to remove the commands that are no longer supported and not in SharpTools.io yet.

The Task is sending over the command as originally set up. I haven’t reauthorized in SharpTools.io recently, but I have in the SharpTools Android app, which didn’t help, of course. I don’t think I’ve ever reauthorized in SharpTools.io. I’ve only ever done it in the SharpTools Android app. I thought it might be a Device Handler issue, but I don’t have a handler installed for this, so it might be using a default handler. I guess I’ll keep fiddling with it to see what I can figure out. Thanks.

I just reauthorized in SharpTools.io and it still shows 24 available options, including resumeProgram, so I guess that means resumeProgram isn’t showing in Tasker for some reason. Weird. I might try deleting them from SmartThings and adding them back to see if that does anything.

Well, I deleted the Thermostats from SmartThings and added them back in. When I did, SmartThings told me that the Thermostats will connect but they are not fully authority/implement(?) in the US so not all features might work. Seriously? Anyway, now I have two LR Thermostats in the list and two are authorized in SharpTools. So, I probably should have just left it all alone…

I have disconnected the Honeywell thermostat service from smartthings. However, even though I have done that, Sharp Tools continues to see thermostats. How can that be? How can it see two thermostats when they are not connected to smartthings?

My latest update is that I redid everything and now resumeProgram is gone from SharpTools.io. So, I guess it is something to do with the Thermostats themselves and the commands available in SmartThings… Nuts. Also, I still have some duplicates. I don’t think they actually exist thought because if I authorize them they show a temperature of something like 999. The other two with the same names show the correct temperature in SharpTools.io. Oh, and now the error is 404, not 400. Oh, and I’m in the SmartThings IDE where I see my extra thermostats so I think I can delete them from there…

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