Tasker not receiving pushes or able to change mode

Hi, a few days ago, i notices that tasker can send comments to my devices, but not the mode and seems it’s not receiving pushes from smarthings either. Widgets don’t update nor do tasks execute. Since there were other issues and it’s been a while I factory reset my phone. That fixed other things but the flow through sharptools android is still not working. Any suggestions?

After factory resetting, if things were restored (eg. widgets, Tasker Tasks, or SharpTools), you will likely need to manually unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the relevant attribute.

Hmm, I forgot to post a reply on this… Issue turned out to be bad hardware. When other things started to go wrong, I took the phone to T-Mobile and did and insurance swap. It was a slow decay that impacted sharptool first and most dramatically. Things have been working fine ever since I got the new device. It was just weird how the old phone behaved, I wouldn’t have expected a hardware issue to cause the symptoms I saw…

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