Tasker HTTP Request - Status of Device or Mode of Hub

I’ve searched for this, but haven’t located anything yet, and I’ve read the Help topic and other posts about HTTP. Is there way to send an HTTP request from Tasker to SharpTools to get the status of a device or the mode of the SmartThings Hub (e.g., home, away, night, etc.)? Does someone have an example for this?

I’m trying to think of a way to do this outside of HTTP, but so far nothing good comes to mind. I thought about turning on virtual switches depending on Hub status, but Tasker won’t be able to read those, anyway (at least not when Groovy ends).

Anyway, any thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

I am working on this now. I will post the task to the other thread.

[Tasker Plugins Ending - #27 by Jake_Mohl_ehoba](SmartThings Rest API in Tasker)

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I have updated my post with the new location based tasks

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