Tasker HTTP Error

I get the below error now and then. I suspect it’s probably a connection error of some sort and I’ll get it now and then because of my connection status? Or is it something else? Thanks.

If your device is in between network connections when the task is run, it’s possible to see network errors like that (the same could happen with the Tasker Plugins or calling the SmartThings API directly). This is especially common with presence type routines where you might be between your home network and cellular network.

The most common solution is to have some sort of retry mechanism in the Tasker profile.

I’ll set up some type of “on error” action…

I used to do that with the plugin where it would check the status after I tried to change it, but I can’t do that without HTTP requests to SharpTools or the SmartThings API at the moment, but food for thought now that @ Jake_Mohl_ehoba issued his Tasker routines for the SmartThings API. Just gotta find the time. :wink:

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I agree with @josh. It’s most likely a connection problem. I would add a wait and loop if error occurs to allow time for switch from cell to wifi.

That’s what I’ve added. Using your Tasker task to check device status in the loop. Thanks.