Tasker help with sharptools for door sensor

I have SmartThings door sensors for my front door and back door. I was trying to figure out how to have it trigger only when opened, not when closed.

For example, I set a new thing state: front door. Attribute: (leaving this blank) will trigger the profile whenever open, or closed. But I wanted it triggered only when opened. I put in open, opened. “open” but nothing triggered. Can someone help?

Also can you add the one for just closing too? Thanks!

You can use a conditional action in Tasker to trigger only when the attribute value matches a specific value. Here’s an article showing how to set this up in Tasker:


The short version of it is: setup your event profile as normal with your filter for the thing and attribute… then in the Task, add an IF condition for %st_attr_value ~ open.

Edit: I would also note that the attribute filter should include your desired attribute (or be blank to match all attributes). For example, if you subscribed to a contact attribute, the attribute should be either blank to match all attributes for the specific thing or contact to specifically match all value changes just for the contact attribute.