Tasker - Garage Task

So I created a task that opens garage door when my Bluetooth connects to my car. Jumped in car, turned on, boom great.

However, this is not fine alone as I don’t want my door to open Everytime I hop in said car. So I figured I would add a condition in the profile that I must also be near my home wifi. Upon adding this the task no longer runs.

Full disclosure this is like my 2nd profile/task written…however I do understand logic flow. Attaching screenshots of the WIFI condition as I know the BT and Task worked fine before adding. Is the problem that the wifi status must change for Tasker to do something, or is simply seeing the state it is currently in enough?

Any help is appreciated

Sometimes I find it easier to break things into multiple Tasker profiles and use IF conditions within Tasks to decide the flow. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting.

For example, you could setup a profile just for the Wifi side of things that determines if you are connected to your wifi or not and then set a global variable in Tasker.

The following article is focused on updating an Simulated Presence device in SmartThings, but you could substitute all the parts around the Simulated Presence device for a Tasker variable:

The idea is that anytime the State > Net > Wifi Near changes, you’ll update the associated Tasker variable. The nice thing about this is you can check the status of the variable in the VARS tab of Tasker which makes it easier for troubleshooting. (Note the use of an ‘exit task’ to change the variable back to false / not present)