Tasker communication slow and excessive subscriptions

I’ve noticed that the lighting bolt icon shows for long times when an event occurs. Sometimes 30 seconds + I started looking for why and noticed that when I refresh subscriptions it said it had refreshed 409 subscriptions. Thinking that large number of subscriptions might be causing the slowness I removed all widgets and tasker subscriptions so the list was empty and when I refreshed it still says it refreshed 360 subscriptions.

Is this normal or any way to clean this up and is this a possible reason for the slowness?

You mentioned it in the context of an event occurring, which is often indicative of long running processes between Tasker and SharpTools. Can you tell me a bit more about how your Tasker profiles are setup?

If you have a large number of Tasker profiles (with event triggers), that can slow down how long it takes for the back-and-forth between Tasker and SharpTools to complete - which itself could result in slower profile triggers. One optimization approach would be to consolidate into fewer centralized profiles that dole the work out to other profiles/tasks.

For example, imagine you had the following profiles (and their individual triggers):

  1. Thing: “Hallway Light”, Attribute: “switch”
  2. Thing: “Bedroom Motion”, Attribute: “motion”
  3. Thing: “Bathroom Motion”, Attribute: “motion”

You could consolidate these into a single centralized profile with no filters applied and then use IF conditions within that centralized profile to run other Tasker Tasks (or trigger other profiles):

  1. Thing: “” (eg. all), Attribute: “” (eg. all)
    IF %st_thing_name ~ “Hallway Light”
    IF %st_thing_name ~ “Bedroom Motion”
    IF %st_thing_name ~ “Bathroom Motion”

The subscription count is the total count of subscriptions across all devices. If you’re trying to start over fresh, the following article on completely resetting SharpTools may be helpful to you. Note that it uninstalls the SharpTools SmartApp from SmartThings so it will remove all of your event subscriptions across all devices. It will also deauthorize SharpTools.io dashboards/rules if you are using those.

Thanks for the info, after I sent my original post, I wondered if the dashboard might play into it and I have a fairly extensive dashboard structure. Love sharptools.io by the way :slight_smile:

And I already have been heading in the direction of the single event concept but need to finish building it out. It is designed to update an array anytime a subscribe thing/attribute changes. I started it from a post from a few months ago where I ask about Sharptools caching thing state locally :wink: but need to finish building it out.

So thanks for your prompt reply…