Tap On Any Tile opens Secondary Dashboard

When user have a virtual tile as a variable, or switch that collects a group of devices, tapping it can open a secondary dashboard to display details or individual devices, for example:

  • I have a virtual switch that is on when at least one backyard light is on, tapping on it can display a secondary board with individual lights to display which of them are on and which of them are off (if any)

  • I have a Variable Value tile that displays how many contacts are opened from a set of back doors, if there is more than one “on”, user could want to tap it to display a secondary board that displays which switches are on and which are off.

@Carlos_Juarez, you can choose “Open Hyperlink” in the Tap Action field, and input the desired dashboard URL where you have the detailed device status, so it will open the seconary dashboard when tapped.


Oh wow !..thats great !..I did not think about it, thats it !..I will delete the feature in order do not confuse commuinity to vote for something already exist …

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