Tado integrations

Recently, my Tado integration with SmartThings was stopped due to API changes requiring OAuth 2.0, making it impossible for me to send HTTP GET requests via smarthings. I primarily used this setup to monitor temperature, humidity, presence, and other read-only data. Currently, I’m seeking potential integrations with SharpTools as a workaround. While I’ve been controlling the thermostat through Alexa with virtual switches, my main aim is to display tado nformation on my dashboards, this guide on the Tado API, updated for 2019, could provide useful insights and help in finding a solution to display Tado’s data on dashboards…
would this be possible to implement?

If they have an official API that is publicly documented and supported, then it would be possible assuming there’s enough interest from the community.

As of this reply, this request has 0 votes though, so don’t forget to scroll up and cast a vote on your own topic.

That being said, while it seems like Tado has an API, it doesn’t seem like it’s something they’ve documented or officially support.