Tablet screen saver interupt

Does anyone know if there is a way to interrupt the screen saver on a tablet when there is a change in sharptools dashboard? I wonder what others might be doing. I am using a Samsung tablet with wallpanel. I have the screen saver turned off on the tablet os, but I have it on in wallpanel because I’m afraid of screen burn in. the problem is that, now alerts or notifications etc… are not seen unless you touch the screen to interrupt the screen saver… Is there a way to get around this?

What hub(s) are you using for your smart home? WallPanel has an API that can be used to ‘wake’ the device from its screensaver state. You could create a rule that wakes the screen whenever certain events occur that you are interested in.

Hi Josh, I am using the smartthings v2 hub.

wow! I thought this idea was just a “pie in the sky” idea! I followed your link and was surprised at the level of function wallpanel offers! I found this on that page,

  • For REST: * POST the JSON to URL http://<the.device.ip.address>:2971/api/command… would the json command, (in this case: {“wake”: true, “wakeTime”: 180}, be entered in the “payload” section of the rule?

Yes, in theory you could use something like the Web Requestor Driver to make an HTTP POST call to the device running WallPanel with the payload you mentioned. Pay particular attention to curly quotes vs straight quotes " and also note that you may have to explicitly specify the Content-Type: application/json header for WallPanel (I haven’t tried it, but some web servers are more finicky than others).

That being said, you could also check out the app Fully Kiosk Browser which is popular in the community. It’s a one-time fee of like ~$8 per tablet and it has a ton of features. The best part is there’s a driver for Fully Kiosk (that I wrote in my spare time), that makes it easier to integrate with SharpTools and expose some of the cool features.

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Thanks Josh,

Ill check out fully kiosk.

How does one create the “curly quotes”?

It depends on the device you’re using. Most computers will enter the straight quotes by default. iOS devices use curly quotes by default so you either have to long-press to get the straight quote or change your system settings.

I would also note that the community naturally converts straight quotes to curly quotes unless you’ve marked it as ‘code’. You can highlight a word in a sentence (or a whole sentence), and then tap the </> in the editing toolbar and it will wrap the text in backticks so the forum treats it like a raw codeblock and preserves the formatting.

Sentence / Block

This is a "sentence" formatted as code. 

This is a “sentence” not formatted as code.


This is an "inline" code element.
This “inline” element is not formatted as code.

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Hi Josh, would you know why I get this notice when trying to update the rule action after entering the URL?

The HTTP Action in rules is supported for URLs that are available on the internet. If you want to make an HTTP request to a device on your LAN, you would need to use something like the Web Requestor driver mentioned above. :point_down:

This driver exposes a ‘device’ to SharpTools can you can use to make the request. It basically just proxies the HTTP requests through your SmartThings hub which is on your LAN. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I get ya. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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It looks like I have to run that web requestor driver on a raspberry pi or a pc that is running all the time? if that’s the case,

does the fully kiosk have a solution you mention work for what I am trying to do? (interrupt the screen saver).

It can make LAN HTTP calls with just the driver. The Raspberry Pi part is only needed as a ‘bridge’ for Internet calls which you can do natively with SharpTools.

Yes, the Fully Kiosk driver has start and stop screensaver commands.

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I think Ill try the fully kiosk, the web requestor driver seems very complicated, asking for extracted key values, response codes, response data etc… at this point its very much over my head…

You can try out Fully Kiosk before you buy it. I use it and like it a lot.

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Thanks! Do you know where or how I can get the Driver?

I’ll send you a PM with access as I’m limiting it to SharpTools premium members (even though it’s something I built in my personal time).

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Thanks Josh! I just installed it. I will install fully this weekend, when I get back in town and then tinker with it! I primarily want it to interrupt the screen saver, but reading through that thread, there’s a lot of cool options and potentials!

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