Tablet screen layout different

I setup a layout online via windows laptop. Then I go to the kiosk link on my old iPad and send it to the home screen so it opens like an app. However the layout on the ipad is configured differently as tiles are in different places than online with the PC

What I usually do on my PC is make my browser the same size as the layout on my Fire 10 HD tablet on my wall. This way it’s the same, since it’s only designed for that tablet. Any time I have to edit again down the road, I just resize my PC’s browser once again. Only take seconds each time.


That I don’t know. Just adjust the browser boarders untill your pc matches the layout of your iPad. Put them side by side… that makes it easier.

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Take a look at the following post as well:

You can either just keep adjusting your browser width until it roughly matches your tablet or use Chrome Developer tools (F12) to simulate an iPad as noted in the linked post. :smiley:

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