Tablet screen Glowing

Using SharpTools with Fully Browser for dashboard on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. However, when the screen is off at night it still glows lightly. I sleep near it and the glow tends to light the room. I have Fully’s screensaver brightness set to 0. So not sure if this is an issue with the tablet whilst powered, or a Fully issue.
Can any point me to a solution?

A brightness of '0' in Fully Kiosk Browser usually doesn’t turn the backlight completely off for most devices - it’s equivalent to the lowest brightness the screen will go to.

If you’re looking for the screen to go completely off, you’ll want to skip the Screensaver option and just let the device go to sleep to have the screen turn completely off. In the Device Management section, you can find the setting that keeps the screen on (switch it off) and optionally a Screen Off Timer (your device likely has it’s own power settings to turn the screen off too).

Then in the Motion Detection settings, you’ll want to make sure the Turn Screen On on Motion is checked so the screen will come back on when you walk by.

Thanks Josh, just reset and see if I got everything right.