Tablet browser requirements

Hello all,

I have 2 older / ancient android tablets I’ve run my SharpTools dashboard on for about a year, and both worked great until recently. Currently neither tablet has any dashboards to display. I am able to log in and navigate to Dashboards, but both tablets show the “Let’s get started!” page prompting me to create a dashboard and not showing any existing ones. The issue began all of a sudden a few days ago and affects all browsers on both tablets, however other devices still run it successfully. Are there minimum browser or OS requirements for SharpTools Dashboards? I would be happy to provide version numbers if they can be of any use.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Yes, that would be helpful.

We transpile the code to support old Android versions (where the browser isn’t updated from Google Play). We still try to support old versions on a best effort basis, but these devices won’t have the best experience compared to a new device with a newer OS/browser version.

I just tested back to Android 5.x and things are working as expected for me. Have you navigated to your User Page on each of those devices and checked the account details - then do the same on the other devices that are working and make sure it’s the exact same account?

Otherwise, can you think of anything that might have changed on your devices, dashboards, or network recently?

Hi Josh,

The tablets are DragonTouch Model Y80 with Android 8.1.0, Chrome ver 113.0.5672.162, and Fully Kiosk Browser ver 1.48.1. And you are correct, the apps were loaded by apk as opposed to the Play Store. I log in using email / password and also have my Google account linked. On the tablets on the account page it shows my correct email address and phone number, but no locations authorized, no connections, and it’s not reflecting my premium subscription.

I load the same dashboard on a Microsoft Surface tablet with Win 10 and Chrome 113.0.5672.127, and when I launched it this afternoon, it went to the “no dashboards found” page for a split second before successfully loading the dashboard.

And what’s even more odd, I left the tablet open on the View Account screen and it’s now showing the correct info, and my list of dashboards is back. Nothing on the devices, network, or firewall has changed in the past few days since the issue began.

That symptoms sound more like a network related issue. Usually when that happens and the data never loads, that’s a sign of an antivirus or network security tool blocking things. That’s interesting that it eventually loads after a long time… which still points to a potential network related issue, but sounds more like a latency/connectivity issue.