Sylvania Smart Plug power output not working

I have a Sylvania Smart+ Outlet 72922-S, and everything works fine as far as controlling the device.

It is not showing the power consumption using Hero tile functionality. Digging into my Hubitat hub, I dont really see an area that shows the current power useage which would translate to the sharptools. I imagine this is a Hubitat issue versus sharptools, and I will post over in the Hubitat community as well, but anyone have a solution?

Under the preferences section in your Hubitat device configuration, where it says Enable automatic power reporting, make sure to select a threshold there and save the preferences.

I did… I will give it a few hours and see what happens.

When I changed the settings on my Lowes Iris Plugs for testing, I just changed it to 1W as that was the lowest threshold of change. Then as soon as I turned the plug back on, I immediately got a power report.

Ok. I changed it to 1w and nothing immediately happened.

In the hubitat device screen do you see a wattage reported on there anywhere? Under events or anything?

Yes. I’m not at home at the moment (and don’t have a plug with power monitoring with me at the office at the moment), but I believe it was a power event which would also be reflected as a new power attribute.

Just to confirm, you changed the setting to 1W, saved the preferences, turned the outlet off, then turned the outlet back on?

Edit: Just double checking… do these devices actually support power reporting? I just checked the link in your original post and I didn’t see any mention of power reporting.

They may not actually. Working with hubitat now. And if they don’t I’ll add them my spreadsheet of what works what doesn’t. Eventually that spreadsheet can be posted up for everyone to see :slight_smile:


My error. That particular plug doesnt show power useage. DOH!

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