Switching between dashboards of different size

All of my dashboards so far have been the same size - 8 tiles wide (scalable row width) for a landscape Fire HD10. Each tablet has a main Home Screen for that room with tiles that link to dashboards that are common to all rooms - Lights, Curtains, Heating etc. All works well.

For one of my new dashboards (a recipes dash for when we’re cooking) I wanted slim horizontal banner style tiles (text only) and more of them than the 5 rows I get with the current layout. So I doubled up to 16 tiles wide, but then set the dashboard link tiles to 2 x 2 rather than 1 x 1 to keep them the same size on screen (as the ones in the other pages). This meant I could get 30 of the smaller banner style tiles on screen. So far so good…

Problem 1 - When I click a tile that links to this new dashboard - the layout fails and some of the menu tiles on the right side of the screen move out of alignment. This is how the home page and recipe page should display (partially shown as I can’t screen grab the entire layout on Safari):

When I click the link to go to the new dash (recipes) or click back, this is what happens:

In the latter shot, two of the menu icons have dropped out and are several rows down off screen. In each case a manual page refresh realigns things correctly.

Problem 2 - I don’t want an icon at all just the label text. The closest I can get is to select the blank icon (the last of the icons in the interface section) However that doesn’t free up any room for text which is all I want on the tile - the recipe name. I tried using a label tile but that has no configurable action so I can’t point it to my url.

Edit: I can solve problem 2 by creating a text variable for each recipe then adding that variable tile to the dash and editing the action to open hyperlink (using the localhost url for the recipe) and open in modal.

Is this only happening on Safari (iPhone?) or also happening on the Fire HD 10?

Sorry I should’ve been clearer. I’m using my MacBook to create the dash layouts - the page zoom on the Safari prevents me showing the entire layout however that’s not an issue.

The rearranging of the layout and the tiles moving happens on both Safari and on the Fire HD10. As I’m using Fully on that, and don’t have the pull to refresh option enabled turning the screen to portrait and back to landscape affects a refresh.

Thanks for the clarification. Would you mind sending a PM to @support with the IDs of the dashboards in question? (Or just send the URLs of the dashboard and we can grab it from that).

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Done. I may not pick up any response until tomorrow as it’s time for bed here!

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