Switching Between Dashboards: Background Images


I have 2 dashboards setup that are linked to each other. Each dashboard has its own, unique background image. Will expand to more linked dashboards as I continue to learn this software.

I’m noticing the following:

Dashboard 1 (Loading): Shows Image A

Switching to Dashboard 2 (Loading) … Still Shows Image A from Dashboard 1 …then takes some time and opens Image B as expected.


  • This gets a bit confusing on the transition from Dashboard A → B, because it still shows the image from Dashboard A.

  • Is there somehow a way to make the proper images only show on their respective dashboards upon load? If not, if there’s a transition between dashboards, is there a way to make it not load the previous dashboard’s image?

Let me know if I can provide additional details. Thanks.

Where are the background images hosted?

It sounds like the background images might not be served with the right cache header or are otherwise slow to load for some reason.

Here’s a quick demo where dashboard 1 has space images and dashboard 2 has aerial images.

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply - my understanding is that if I want a customized background, I need to host it somewhere myself…correct? Your video is exactly what I’m going for.

If that’s the case, I have the two images stored on my OneDrive account. Do I need to pull them in a special way? I used the “embed option” and pasted that URL in.

If there’s some other way I need to do it, opening to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

After seeing this was possible from your reply, I see what I did wrong. Thank you!

What did you end up doing different? It might end up saving someone else some troubleshooting in the future when they come across this thread via Google! :wink:

Ah man…guess I’ll fess up then :blush: . I re-read the instructions and used “copy image address” like I was supposed to… :innocent:.

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