Switch to Sonos app when music is playing

Hey community… I have a few android tablets wall mounted showing Sharptools in Fully Browser. It works great, but I when music is playing I want the Sonos app to be displayed instead. I know SharpTools is doing great work making rich music tiles, but for now I’d like the full Sonos feature set available during playback.

Has anyone has done this using some logic (webcore, taskr, sharptools, fully, etc) to display the Sonos app when music is playing and then switch back to Sharptools (Fully Browser) when the music stops?

I currently have lights turn on and change color if the music is playing via webcore (to remind me that music is playing outside)… So I know I can get the status of music playback, but Im not sure how to use that to foreground the Sonos app on my tablet.

There are some neat device handlers for Fully Kiosk Browser that have been developed by the community that can help with this.

For example, you could use the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller DTH which exposes a number of helpful commands for controlling Fully.

In your case, you would want to use the launchAppPackage command which can be used to launch other apps on the tablet then you would use the bringFullyToFront command to bring Fully (and your dashboard) back to the front.

It sounds like you already have the rough concepts working in WebCoRE, but the concept would be:

IF `sonos.playbackStatus` changes to `play`
THEN `fully.launchAppPackage('yourApp')`

IF `sonos.playbackStatus` changes to `stop`
THEN `fully.bringFullyToFront()`

I haven’t tested it, but my guess is the app package for Sonos is something like com.sonos.acr


Josh… That. Is. Awesome. So simple to setup. That Fully DTH is pretty powerful.
Thank you!! Works like a charm.


This is what I was looking for too! Thanks for that!
This works with Hubitat RM as well if anyone is wondering