Switch To Camera Dashboard on Motion Detected

I am running the following.
Sharptools in Fully Kiosk browser on Fire HD 10 tablet
Hubitat C7
Blue Iris for streaming security cameras to Sharptools

I would like to have a separate dashboard for my security cameras and automatically switch to this security camera dashboard when motion is detected on one of my cameras.

What is the best and most efficient way to do this?


You can install the Fully Kiosk Browser driver for Hubitat. It would make controlling FKB easier via Rule Machine or WebCoRE.

Depending on which rule engine you use, you can have FKB load the camera dashboard while motion is active, then load the default/home dashboard after a set time after motion stops.


@Scott_White here is another example using Fully Kiosk Browser driver and Rule Engine to load different dashboard on the tablet that you might find useful. You can change the trigger to motion detected, instead time based, for your scenario.

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Thanks James. I will give it a try!

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