Switch back to Fully after Using Another App?

I’ve added a couple of tiles to Fully that launch my Harmony and Sono’s apps when they’re touched. But I’m wondering, is there a way to have the Fire Tablet time out after say 30 seconds of inactivity when in these apps and then via motion detection activate back into the Fully main URL/Dashboard screen?

Right now the screen simply dims and it stays in the app. Strangely, even pressing the screen doesn’t brighten the screen (have to basically click on the “Back” button", which is hardly visible).

You might be able to use something like the AutomateIt app to automatically switch back to Fully similar to the following post:

Edit: I also just realized that there’s a setting in Fully Kiosk Browser under Universal Launcher > Regain Focus After Idle Time (PLUS) that allows you to specify a duration after which Fully will automatically try to bring itself back to the foreground.

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