Support for "SuperTile"?

I just saw this and tested using hubitat dash… any chance this will work in Sharptools?


Thanks for sharing, Bill! It looks like the driver generates HTML and stores it into an attribute which is then rendered in a tile.

The short version is that allowing arbitrary HTML to be rendered is a security concern, so the SharpTools Hero Attribute tile displays text only.

I’ll need to think through the options we have. We might be able to white list a subset of HTML tags like those used by this driver (and other recent community developments). We’ve also discussed building tiles similar to this - basically a tile with various slots that you could fill in with text, icons, and attributes from things.

Can you tell me more about the specific use-cases you had in mind?


Yea I like the idea of a big tile that lists out strips of information.
Door 1: Closed
Door 2: Closed
Door 3: Closed
Door 4: Open

Few ideas, maybe partial markdown formatting if easier?

#Event History //bold title header
4/1 0800 GarageDoor closed
4/1 1600 GarageDoor open
4/1 1600 SHM disarm, MODE Home
4/1 1601 Living Room Motion


#LivingRoom MultiSensor
Temp 68
Humidity 33%
Motion Inactive
Last Motion 4/1 11:30
Lux 100 UV 0
####Battery 100% //small footer


#Astronomy Info
Sun 0800-1900
Moon (URL/moon.jpg) 0800-1900
####Weather Tonight 72 Clear 20%RH


#Feed the Pets
(Dog Icon)
Last fed at 0800
(Fish icon)
Last fed at 0800

Is there any way to pull data from WebCore to help populate the tiles?

Thanks for the specific feedback and example guys! I’m interested in understanding the specific use cases in more detail as we’ve had some concepts internally that we’ve temporarily shelved. First step is to understand the desired functionality or output… then we’ll work our way back to how things get implemented. :stuck_out_tongue:

@kevin are each of those individual tile examples? eg. 4 different tiles - ‘Event History’, ‘Living Room Multisensor’ (several attributes), ‘Astronomy Info’, ‘Feed the Pets’?

In the case of feed the pets, would you be OK with two tiles (one for each pet) or you really want them on one tile?

Ya several separate tiles. Tried to reformat but on my phone :persevere:. Ya the pet one could be 2, just brainstorming :grinning:.

I think picking the data would be the hard for my examples, they aren’t necessarily SmartThings device data. Hoping we can get webcore to optionally return a customizable JSON string someday.

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My ideas are similar to already mentioned. Being able to put multiple temp sensors in a tile would be nice. I really like the fact Cobra gave the ability with in image apis and can add a image url along with a attribute(s)


For me it would be nice to save some space.
I don’t need five big tiles to show me my doors.