Supertile variable No Toggle action?

Hey @josh am I missing something? A plain variable tile can have toggle as it’s action but inside a ST. A Boolean variable doesn’t have the option for toggle. It has (Hyperlink, Dashboard, Rule, Thing, None) was this intentional or and oversight?

TLDR: You can use a rule to control variables.

Keep in mind the way actions work within Super Tiles as it’s quite different than a normal tile.

  • With a normal tile, the actions are all directly connected to the resource that’s bound to the tile.
  • With a Super Tile, you can have any number of resources (or just static content) within the tile and the actions are completely disconnected from the resources

In other words, you could do things like add a ‘Thing’ action to a Variable item within a Super Tile… or even connect an arbitrary action to the whole tile which might have a variety of different resources within it.

The original actions were Hyperlink, Rule, and None. The idea being that you can accomplish most anything around Things/Variabels with a Rule. Overtime it became clear that there was a widespread desire to be able to control Things directly without needing a rule. And similarly with the recent introduction of dashboard overlays, we felt it was important to add the native Dashboard action as there were cases that couldn’t be handled with the Hyperlink.

That being said, I’m open to a Feature Request for variable control.

The true/false variables are really the only thing that would have a straightforward action (eg. toggle; no parameters required). The Text or Numeric variables would likely need some sort of additional input mechanisms which is a whole other can of worms… and since there hadn’t been requests for it yet with clear use-cases (maybe because they’re mostly solved with rules), we’ve focused on other highly requested features.

Yeah, a rule was my work around. I’m assuming the true/false would be the easiest of the bunch to implement. Since it only has 2 fixed states.