Supertile need to add a box around variable

I am woking on this Supertile -

Which looks like this -

(still needs spacing etc.)

What I want to know is can I add a box in the supertile around the variable result like drawn in with a pen? -

What about uploading a rectangle ‘icon’ and using that to surround your desired items?

Here’s a rounded rectangle ‘icon’ in SVG format that might do the trick…

Here’s a few aspect ratios in a more moderate stroke width:


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Thanks Josh!

I have no idea why I didn’t think of that…

I can draw exactly what I need and save as .svg

Thanks for the “brain bump” Josh. That worked!


One of the things I do for my SuperTiles when I have a number of things that need alignment is actually concatenate various related elements in to a single variable in a Rule then use that variable on the SuperTile. I found that even when I manually got things aligned nicely in the SuperTile editor, it would still be off in some browsers (typically Echo 15 Show renders things a little off). By combining the elements in to one first it’s not an issue.

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