Supertile - layers issues

I’m attempting to have individual motion icons on top of my single-image floorplan.

I can’t seem to have any luck with the use of layers/depth.

This means that in order to attempt to move the small motion elements into the correct locations (i.e. over the correct rooms), I need to move the large floorplan out of the way, move a small element, try to guess where it needs to be dragged to, then move the floorplan back over.

I’m either doing something very wrong, else the funtionality is somewhat broken.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks.

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot how things are currently configured.

From what I understand, it sounds like you want the floorplan to be the bottom layer. In which case you would want to tap to select it, then use the button in the layer section to move it all the way to the bottom layer.

One challenge you’ll run into with this type of configuration is whenever you tap on the background layer, it’s going to temporarily bring it into the foreground for editing. Normally you would just tap in the blank space in the tile to deselect an item, but since this one is taking up the full size of the tile, there’s not any blank space to tap into.

To work around this, you can tap into the blank space just below the tile (next to the Add Item button) to deselect the background item which will drop it out of focus and return it back to its original position.

That solved it. Many thanks!


swiftest response, ever.

/-=edit =-


Also, I’m struggling to figure out how to add an image here, whilst avoiding the need to seriously stretch out the boxes to fill the tile. Can’t seem to figure that one out, it’s odd.

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  1. Make sure you image doesn’t have any extra transparent padding around it
  2. When the image layer is selected, you can use the ‘font size’ to increase the size of the image within the bounding box.
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annnnd. another easy fix. awesome, ta.

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Thanks for this!. I’ve often had the same issue.

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