SuperTile component help

I have a device (screen / blinds / shades) that in some instances the “level” can be set:

I want to set up a SuperTile component that lets me set this device to a specific level, but I don’t see a “setlevel” option among the On/Off/Open/Close, etc. (I’d be satisfied if the “Pause” setting worked, but it doesn’t appear to pause the movement of the screen / blinds / shades.)

Any ideas? I mean I suppose I could create a simple Rule that sets the device’s “setlevel” and have the SuperTile component call that Rule, but I just figured that’s a band aid approach, and I’m just missing something…?

The ‘command’ option only displays commands without parameters. There’s a feature request open to offer the Set Level dimmer picker if you want to cast a vote.

What driver is it? Sounds like the device doesn’t properly implement the pause capability.

Another approach is to use the special $.runRule(RULEID) syntax in a hyperlink as that would let you pass parameters to your rule. Then you could create your preferred setpoints in the Super Tile as labels or icons and have the action on each of those call your preferred level.

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