Supertile and Green Toast Message

I have 2 Supertiles used for garage door openers. Im using a Zooz Zen 17 to operate these doors. Although the tile will change color when the door is open, it is really just a momentary switch that acts like a wall switch. The problem is the supertile only makes a slight flash or dim, but no green toast “command sent” this is causing multiple tile presses and results in the door going up and down the same number as the tile was pressed. I created a simple supertile that turns on 1 light as a test. It is on a dashboard with no css. It does the same thing. How do I get the green toast “command sent” on a Supertile? Sometimes it works instantly, sometimes not. If I at least had the toast, we would know to just wait. I’ll deal with the delay in another post if necessary.

Hm. That sounds like an oversight with the Super Tile implementation. I’ve noted it and will work on a hotfix.

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@JKB121 We pushed a hotfix that includes the ‘Command sent’ toast message on Super Tiles. You should be able to refresh the page to pull in the latest updates and see that enhancement now.

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Works! Thanks. !!..

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