Super Tile: Use a standard tile as a template

There are a lot of fantastic “canned” tiles that I really like, but would love to make minor changes based on my own preferences. With Super Tiles I can do that, but it’s not quick or easy to replicate an existing tile. It would be excellent if we could use an existing standard tile type or saved tile as a template for a new Super Tile.

As an example, I love my Sonos player control and album art tiles, but I would love them even more if I could combine them into the same tile. It would be awesome to let me use the existing music tile as a template and make the changes I’m looking for.

Second example: I’ve got some tiles I’ve created for my smart door locks that show the status, change color/icon with status change, and tap to lock/unlock. With the Super Tile feature I see I can add the battery level attribute as well, which is excellent! But first I have to rebuild my existing tiles as Super Tiles. It would be much easier if I could use them as a template and just add the battery level.