Super Tile Templates

Want to create one Super Tile with all the states/icons/rules, but then use it on different devices.
For example, a combo of contact and lock sensor for every locked door.

This would save me so much time. For me, it could be as simple as designing the super tile using things etc. But with the option to require the things to be specified as parameters when the tile is added to the dashboard.

e.g. I build a super tile showing the contact status and icon from my door sensor, and also the lock status and icon from the door lock. Even though I’ve used the devices multiple times in the super tile when I add it to the dashboard I am required to set one contact device and one lock device.

It could be super useful with Venitian Blinds - to set/view blinds position and slats position on a single tile.

Currently, I don’t have slats position on my dashboard, because setting up 15+ Super Tiles is a little discouraging. :wink: