Super Tile connection help

I have a super tile that had a bunch of Thing Icons on it. Somehow the connection to the underlying device got messed up. After re-establishing the connection, though, the Thing Icons seem to have gotten changed to Thing Values, and I don’t see any of the custom state/icon rules that I had set up. Any way to recover those?

It depends on what happened. If you used the ‘change’ link when editing the Super Tile item and inadvertently changed it from an Icon > Thing to a Thing, then the icon configuration may still be saved with the item. In that case, you can use the ‘change’ link again and change back to the appropriate type.


This worked! Glad I didn’t have to spend a bunch of time re-doing the super tile. I believe the super tile must have defaulted all of my Thing Icons back to a Thing value when the connection to the device was lost, because I never edited the super tile (so nothing could have been done inadvetertenly). Either way, it’s fixed now. Thanks!