Super Tile Color

Is there a way to change the color of a super tile? the dashboard edit doesn’t seem to have any affect on a super tile.

Once you’ve added an instance of a Super Tile to your dashboard, you should be able to edit that tile’s Style like any other tile. It will automatically pick up the ‘default’ style from your Theme (if you are using one), but you’ll need to customize the individual tile’s style settings if you want different colors for various ‘active’ states.

Perhaps you can share some screenshots of what you’ve tried along with the result?

Thanks Josh. I discovered that I have to add the tile colors and styles that I want in the themes and then chose those ones when I edit the tile in dashboard edit. If I didn’t do that, the supertile was locked on the default, no matter what I did in the dashboard edit. I tried to edit the super tile using the dashboard edit procedure, but the tile would stay as the default. I was able to change the super tile color and style by adding tile styles in the theme. Now to figure out how to add animated custom icons to a super tile…