Sunset display Color LEDs

Has anyone done a sunset simulation with colored LED lights? Going from daylight to orange to red, then to blue for night? How would I go about doing this smoothly

I’m not sure I’ve seen that particular project, but there have been some similarly interesting projects:

  • Using expressions to adapt the lighting color to best guide our circadian rhythm
  • Using light levels (sensor) to dynamically adjust interior lighting levels
  • Using the position of the sun to adjust shade positions

I suspect the biggest factor would be how often the rule runs to adjust the hue and over what period of time. One approach I’ve seen is to use the hue level changing or a variable changing to trigger the next iteration of the rule along with a delay, but I’ll leave this open to the community for ideas. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a very similar sunrise routine which I trigger from a calendar (IFTTT integration). I have a LIFX smart bulb and to achieve the slow fade from one colour/intensity to another I created a series of LIFX scenes. From Sharptools I then make a series of LIFX API calls + a delay matching the scene duration to achieve the effect.
Quite painful to set up but works very well
I can provide more details if you like

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